Saturday, November 11, 2017

69 Charger by BBT Fabrications


  1. Don't like the idea that BBT Fabrications flatten the sides of this '69 Charger taking out the accent lines and mucking up the beautiful belt line Elwood Engel's creation had naturally. In my opinion, or for what I see, it just looks like a '69 Camaro.

    1. Looks like a Camaro? Those are very round. So... I don't understand that... but to me it looks like a Cougar. And putting a straight line across the bottom of the side view? That's odd. Oh well, everyone has to mess with the original to try and get their variation to make them rich

    2. I was referring to the profile view of the car in the last picture of the broadcast sheet. A Cougar. What year Jess? And yes, I agree with your last line there.