Wednesday, November 08, 2017

one of the best marketing gimmics I saw at SEMA was this pizza delivery theme Jeep parts and accessory company, JCR Offroad ... the Pizza Commanche

the pizza boxes had free t-shirts!

this is the catalog they brought to SEMA... cool!

the pop up on their site...
and after you sign up for their newsletter:  everything made in Michigan, near Kalamazoo, lifetime warranty

these are a fun bunch of guys, as most people from Michigan are... it helps to survive the winters if you have a sense of humor

and if you check back to their youtube page, ech day they have a fun new video to disclose what the days coupon will be

plus they do get off roading

here they are at Moab


  1. Looks like a fun group of guys that make good products. I love the "Mall Rated" decals. It would be funny to buy some of them and stick them on the mall cruisers.