Sunday, November 12, 2017

One of the most impressive new items I found at SEMA, a portable, collapsible, truck mounted crane/winch/lift - load arm

Whether you need to lift loads, atvs to change tires, field dress a deer/elk/mountain goat, or whatever else you don't have a forklift for

Weight limit vary by model, from 1000 pounds to 9500 pounds

the load can be hand winched or pulled by a front bumper load winch

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    1. yes, this seems to be an evolved version that is ready to buy, ready to use

    2. Agreed. I like the option with the front jacks that is a great to stabilize the suspension. In the Army, years ago, we made these with tow bars and used the front wench on a deuce and a half to pull engines on the jeeps.