Friday, November 17, 2017

'57 Vettte sat torn apart for 42 years in a pole barn in Pennsylvania, because, of course, "I'm going to fix it up someday" and then he finally died and the next generation sold it (thanks dad)

dual quad 270hp 283

It was torn apart in the mid 70s when everyone started getting into the Hot Rod glamour, but, like most projects, was a lot more fun to tear apart than to pay to rebuild.
 for his videos and a look at the hundreds of articles he's done at Hot Rod if you have a barn find or know of one.

Or call him at 806-236-3681. He will feature you in the video and/or buy the car, or pay a finder's fee if you don't own the car and just know where it is, etc.


  1. He was also keen on keeping things neat too... Must not have gone into the barn often, I dont see any real paths through the junk laying EVERYWHERE!

    1. ain't that a mess! I thought when I saw the photos... looks like a drill sgt in boot camp lost his mind and set off a "tornado" ... have you been through boot camp? If not, the sheer joy of throwing everything everywhere to make a mess that the guys going through boot camp have to clean up and make inspection neat, for little or no reason, is a sight to behold, and looks like the mess a tornado makes of a trailer park

  2. Quantico 83 tornado alley, but that barn looks neater.