Saturday, August 19, 2017

want to read an adventure, racing, sailing, and Rv-ing around the world?

in 2003 a husband and wife were eating pizza and drinking beer in Chicago, and got to talking about whether to settle down or see the world.

So they bought this 35 foot catamaran, and began an amazing round the world journey/adventure.

Florida, the Bahamas, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Egypt, Spain, and back to Florida.

Then they raced across the US in a 356, then

they began a van cruise around the US.... starting in the Baja, to Alaska, to Belize, Peru, Argentina, and then over to Europe,

then they had some kids and sailed up and down the Pacific coast of Mexico

then they bought a 1966 Dodge motor home (seperate post on it's incredible vintage stuff) with original interior in 2013, it only had a 318 though

and then they bought an IH Traveler and an Airstream 

and now are going back to a boat

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