Sunday, August 13, 2017

the Blue Skies trailer park was founded by Bing Crosby in 1955, near the Palm Springs airport. Now, it's the location for a book about how trailers have been customized in different architectural styles by their owners

Jeffrey Milstein is fascinated with how similar forms repeat themselves in distinctive ways. Here, he examines classic Palm Springs trailer park homes, each composed of the same basic units—the box-like “house,” the flanking carport, and the patio shelter. Photographing each one from exactly the same viewpoint, he shows how the owners have personalized their dwellings in a delightful range of architectural styles from Chinese to early Egyptian to Desert Modern


  1. Hard to believe most of those are trailer houses!

    1. cool stuff huh!? I've grown to love this little books focused on one simple topic, photographed similarly for comparison and contrast... there was the parking lot attendant booth, the roadside rest stop, and the Soviet Road Block stations on the USSR border (books) that I've found and posted about previously