Thursday, August 17, 2017

Stay to the right except to pass

Some say that all of those signs have the same default password. They rarely get changed, because so many people have to use them. And it is easy to reset the module to the default.

others say Utah DOT has control interfaces that a central dispatch uses to update these overhead signs. They run all up and down the I15/215 corridor. They're used to alert of accidents and as of lately, little catches phrases. All done remotely on a computer, they cannot be set by the side of the road. Updates have to be called in.


  1. Jalopnik regularly tell readers - in great detail - what they're ABSOLUTELY NOT supposed to do, when hacking road signs. That's hopw the occasional 'WARNING! ZOMBIES AHEAD!' texts show up.

    Bit stupid really, because people may ignore it next time there's a real zombie apocalypse....

    1. Sadly, I've never had the time to look through Jalopnik. It's time consuming enough to put out my own content, and then have some time to look though the sites I enjoy, plus work 8 hours, and do stuff at home. But, I also want to avoid re-posting their stuff if it's good, because I'm guessing we have a lot of the same audience, and it would be a real let down to see the same content twice... so creating my own content, or sourcing it from places my readers aren't likely to find it, or see it, makes sense

    2. but anyway, interesting, Jalopnik tells people how to hack road signs. Good idea for inspiring people to create the content Jalopnik then runs later on

  2. We went to Kentucky for vacation this summer, and we saw a signs like this that said "Slow down, y'all. This ain't NASCAR".