Tuesday, March 22, 2016

up-cycle idea for retired passenger rail cars - make a pedestrian bridge out of them

A group from Montreal's Mile End neighbourhood has come up with a proposal for the city's soon-to-be retired metro cars: use them to build a pedestrian bridge connecting the neighbourhood to the nearby Rosemont metro station.

As it stands, Mile End is not easy to get to from the metro station. People have to cross busy St-Denis Street, take an overpass over the CP Rail line, and then double back.

The proposed pedestrian walkway would be both a shortcut and a monument to Montreal's public transit heritage.

Richert has teamed up with Mile End architecture firm L'Oeuf to come up with some schematics.

They envisioned a pedestrian bridge that would start with a ramp outside the Rosemont Metro station, gently curve over St-Denis street and the CP Rail line, and descend back down to the corner of de Gaspé and Laos.

It would be covered over by hollowed-out metro cars that would provide shelter.

"There would be 8 to 10 wagons, totally emptied, and it would be like a tunnel, with the windows of the metro cars still in place," Richert said. He said the tunnel would also accommodate bikes.

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