Thursday, March 24, 2016

10 months later, still nothing known about the Waco shooting of the bikers by the police

A Texas grand jury indicted 48 more bikers for the May 2015 shootout, and it looks like law enforcement and the DA are going to try for a hail Mary, and get the bikers found guilty for the deaths of the 9 who were shot by cops.

Even if police officers fired the ultimately fatal shots (still not proven, but only cops were snipers shooting the bikers), prosecutors could still convict bikers in the deaths if they can prove the bikers were part of the criminal conspiracy and police were only responding to an already violent scene, Thompson said.

Prosecutors have not indicted anyone specifically for murder in the nine deaths. (and that ain't likely, as the cops shot the bikers, and it seems they did so according to plan) The organized criminal activity charge incorporates allegations that every person indicted (only bikers)  were responsible for the deaths and injuries that ensued in the gunfire.

Prosecutors in Waco announced that all the bikers indicted are charged with engaging in organized criminal activity, meaning they're accused of being complicit in the shooting that also left 20 people injured. They face 15 years to life in prison if convicted.

And that, leaves us guessing the game plan of the police, since, we already know the score, and who lost.

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