Monday, March 21, 2016

Cool bug up on the auction site, Ebay is showcasing Ewan McGregors Beetle

Hey everyone at ... this car is real rusty patina, except the hood, the car didn't have one.  I have a link at the bottom of this post, and it's there so you can click on it and go to the original source, if the photos I have put here interest you enough to learn more, instead of speculating as to the facts of the rust, fake or real patina. I add those links so readers like you at don't spin your tires trying to speculate, and just read the facts instead. 

Since only Diesel Dawg did, and included the link, again, but none of you could be bothered to read the damn original, I'll add that info here, for you lazy bastards

All of the surface patina is authentic, with the exception of the hood, which was painstakingly matched. The exterior restoration includes new chrome bumpers, fender beading, running boards, and stainless steel trim. A new black canvas cover has been fitted to the magnificently large factory sunroof.

The shell’s exterior surface was so striking that it drew the longing gaze of Ewan McGregor, the Scottish actor that portrayed Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Star Wars prequel trilogy. Ewan McGregor spotted the car online as it began restoration, purchased the vehicle, and had the work completed to his specifications

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