Saturday, March 26, 2016

the worlds first and only straight 16 cylinder engine for automobile, the Herkules 1934, Pelle Söderström is going to be the guy who makes a new engine, 1st time in years anyone has created a new engine

Using 4 engines from Volvo B40s


  1. I did a little snooping on his web site. This guy has some serious talent and engine-uity. (Pun intended). Nice shop, neat trailer and engine stand. Very cool. I wish I was closer, I would be a pest.

  2. I am Pelle, and you are welcome if You'll visit Sweden. Just write a comment in my Guestbook (Gastboken) and I will get Your email. /Pelle

  3. Awesome build! You have any video of it running? Any plans to use it in something?

    1. reply to Pelle, and or, go to his website. I posted about this around 9 months ago, he may have by now