Sunday, November 13, 2016

Bobby Urwin’s Charger Daytona, bought in 1978 for $5400

A daily driver for one year and then put into storage for the next 35, he never did get to doing a rotisserie restoration, but he got it back on the road, with an upgrade to a NOS 426 hemi, from the factory stock Gratiot had bought when Chrsyler bailed on the hemi and liquidated.

Gratiot sold the shortblocks through an ad in Hot Rod Magazine for $800.00

It's not gotten to a restoration yet, but, consider this... do restored cars have any character? Nope. Theya re all factory original looking, and their story and history have been ripped from them.

I'm not saying rust has any redeeming quaility, but the swapped hood, signature from a Daytona designing engineer, etc etc are all damn cool.

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