Tuesday, November 15, 2016

new, these Fiat 500s were 32-34 thousand dollar cars. Now they have about 12000 miles, and are 1 or 2 years old... depreciation slammed the Fiat 500 fiercely, but if you know a college student of min wage worker that needs a nearly new car cheap, these are only 25% of the cost of a new car

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  1. There is a reason these cars have depreciated so quickly. They seem to last 50-60,000 miles and have horrible customer service. After owning 2 (one with a steering recall that the dealer refused to do the stop gap repair because they didn't receive enough reimbursement and one that have engine failure the day after buying it used, ring told it needed a new engine and the warranty would not cover it (from the same place we bought the other new and that I had a Alfa 4c ordered)). The first car was replaced the same day as the dealer refused service with a Mini and the second after 2 years of fighting has now become a Veloster (the second one I have owned) with no thanks to my local Fiat dealership. The Ex-wife has an Abarth and gets decent dealer service but has had issues also, but won't sell as her first issue occurred days after delivery and it was found they were building the early Abraths with the oil lines to the turbo reversed so she now has an unlimited mileage engine warranty. Her friend has one the\at has mysterious electrical problems. Friends who owned 500's locally all had problems many just trading into new Fiats before the problems became to bad. They had to trade to FIAT's because of the depreciation that is helped by massive incentives.