Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Bob and Charles brought their cars down to Lynch Elementary School in St. Petersburg (Found on Bob's Facebook page)

This morning, Charles Hatley and I participated in The Great American Teach-In at Lynch Elementary School in St. Petersburg.

 We entertained 20 classes of Lynch Lions from 1st through 5th grades and the kids were fabulous. They asked really good questions about both cars and certainly showed an interest in both.

One kid was my favorite and asked me if he could sit inside the T-bird. I asked him if his teacher ever got mad at him and he said “Oh, Yeah!” So I said “Well, if I let you sit in it, I’ll have to let everybody sit in it and how mad do you think she’ll get with me?” He thought a second and said “Oh, Yeah.”

 I told him to find me at a car show and I’d take him for a ride.


  1. Jesse, thanks! We were both exhausted by the end but I haven't had so much fun since the pigs ate my brother!

    1. Aww shoot, thanks for posting that on your FB, that sort of good news and personal story is getting rare, and it's so welcome to see cool stuff on friends pages instead of political stuff