Thursday, July 14, 2016

Steve Magnante at Hot Rod just came across a one family owned 1965 Gt 350 with only 41 thou miles, still being drag raced

on June 15, 1965, the Walls brothers took delivery of Shelby Mustang number 5S127, a stone-stock 1965 G.T. 350 that left Shelby's LAX conversion plant on April 26.

Changes over the next decade included a swap to 5.14 gears, Hilborn mechanical fuel injection, and a 305 (a 302 overbored 0.030). In full race mode, Snoopy ran a best time of 12.03 at 118 mph.

The brothers raced Snoopy through 1972, then garaged it.

In 1983 one brother bought out the other's share of the car, and went to license it... as they had always used dealer plates for the previous 18 years. The state slammed them with taxes and fees. Ouch.

For the next 15 years Walt and his sons Bobby and Steven enjoyed showing the car and even garnered two Second Place and one Third Place concours awards at SAAC meets.

Walt passed away in 2010, leaving the heirloom Mustang to his sons. Having grown up with the car, they respected its significance as a rare Shelby but more so as a remembrance of their beloved father. After talking it over with close friends and the many folks who remembered its dragstrip exploits, the sons decided in 2015 to reapply the Snoopy graphics just as they appeared in 1966.

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