Thursday, July 14, 2016

Newsflash: terrorists strike France again, 84 dead. Dozens wounded. Truck used at high speed to run over crowd celebrating Bastille Day

A truck driver plowed through a crowd celebrating Bastille Day (its national day—July 14) in Nice, France, killing dozens.

What we know:
 - At least 80 people are reported dead and 18 critically wounded
 - The driver of the truck fired shots
 - The driver was killed when police fired on the vehicle
 - The truck was loaded with weapons and grenades

A truck driver barreled for more than a mile through Bastille Day revelers thronging the famed seaside promenade here Thursday, killing scores of people and sending a terror-scarred nation reeling again.

The driver slammed the massive vehicle, which an official said was loaded with explosives and weapons, into a crowd packed with families that had come to see the celebratory fireworks, leaving bodies in his wake.

The rampage in Nice came less than two weeks before Mr. Hollande planned to lift a national state of emergency imposed after Nov. 13 terrorist attacks in Paris. The emergency status had been extended twice since then.

After Thursday’s assault on the Riviera, he extended it for another three months, and said 10,000 soldiers would be deployed to help police and gendarmes bolster security throughout France.

“The whole of France is under the threat of Islamist terrorism,” the president said. “In these circumstances, we have to show complete vigilance and a flawless determination.”


  1. And yet we do nothing.

    1. Unless we are going to be allowed to arm up and move to France to be bodyguards with the freedom to shoot and kill terrorists before they can kill at dance clubs, movie theaters, and newspapers (The most recent French targets) there is nothing you and I can do beyond reminding each other frequently to be alert to terrorists in our every day lives. I believe that the San Bernadino massacre proved that it can be instantaneous, anywhere, for any reason

  2. Does any one understand why France seems to be taking the brunt of these attacks?

    1. I think it may be due to the large number of muslims that moved to France, and have a religious fanatical motivation. Far fewer have gotten onto planes and made it to the USA, so we get less terrorist actions like this. Lets face it, Muslim terrorists seem to prefer Europe and the USA to all other countries. They haven't done a thing in Mexico, Russia, China, Japan, etc. In fact they seem to avoid Asian Pacific, Central and Southern America. It must be that the consumer driven wasteful lifestyles of the French and American really piss off muslims. So why they don't move back to Iran and Iraq, etc I don't know

  3. oh, its coming here.

    only a matter of time,
    and the president still refuses to even say the words "islamic terrorists"

    1. yep. Something that reminds us that elected officials are politicians, not representatives, and not statesmen. They are phony and easy to spot when they dance around issues, and dodge direct questions, and put a politicians spin on something they don't like, to make it sound like they've just done you a favor.