Friday, July 15, 2016

Last July the robot mech challenge was issued and replied, and now we are finally getting closer to full human-piloted battle robots.

they made it to CES 2016, but weren't allowed to shoot down drones.. so, they ended up demonstrating some box smashing. Ho hum.  If they were ready to shoot down drones, or dop anything spectacular, there would be a you tube video of it, and they would be getting sponsors like Red Bull and Go Pro to jump into the arena of bot fighting.

and concept art for the Mk II is this star spangled, eagle head gatling gun bedecked, chainsaw heaving - supercharged engine powered idea:

If you put a small block in each forearm to power the chainsaw and hydraulics, this would be epic

It's been a year since the 12 month deadline challenge, and nothing is even close to getting half way to being bolted together, not the plans, not the bots, and not a clue as to if the Japanese are even still committed. I looked, and they have zero on the internet about a bot even in planning stages.

If they kick this off, and get some publicity to help along, and some other crazy bot teams to enter, this is very likely the next UFC, and the newest billion dollar sport, like WWE, UFC, and Nascar. All 3 make over a billion a year.

If they don't show up to San Diego Comic Con they are fools... the free publicity at SDCC can't even be dreamed of

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