Wednesday, May 11, 2016

They really jammed that engine into the Prowler (can you even recall that these Plymouths were made? No one drives them anymore)

the side panels unbolt with 3 bolts each, for access to the sides of the engine


  1. ahh yes. I remember the Prowler (and Plymouth). Used to see them occasionally when I lived in California back when they were new. But I did just see one a couple weeks ago; out for a drive on a nice day here in Wisconsin.

  2. I always called these things "not rods", because they were the antithesis of a hot rod. They were not homemade. They were not "one of a kind". They didn't have a V8. They were expensive. They were not owned by young people. They were not raced. They were slow. Their owners rarely knew anything about how to build, repair, or maintain a car. They were not cool.

    1. well, allright. They are still a cool diversion from factory blah soap bar looking cars. All those damn boring looking cars that can't be distinguished from anything else in the parking lot. Where Mazdas look like Toyotas and Nissans and Chevys

  3. I've seen hemi,ls, and even toyota 2jz swaps done to these, but they are still incredibly expensive used. I'm waiting for the 25k used Hellcat's in 10 years.