Thursday, May 12, 2016

Domino's Triton No. 1

the plaque in front of the car. It reads, “Triton No 1. Experimental Pizza Car. Presented to Famous Pioneer Auto Show, Murdo So. Dak. by Tom Monaghan, founder of Dominoes"

In 1985: Domino’s envisioned the future with the Triton No. 1, an experimental pizza-delivery vehicle. Unfortunately, a quarter century later, we still have pot holes. So this particular future went straight to a museum in South Dakota.

at the Tupelo Auto Museum, the number 10, thanks to Steven C for the tip!

And Steven says there is one in the Nasu Classic Car Museum in Japan


  1. There is one of the at the Tupelo Auto Museum. Number 10

    1. WOW! Thanks! This is so far back in the archives (all 2 months) that when I saw the comment I had to think about what in the world it referred to! Sure appreciate the note!

    2. Posting the photo now!

  2. There was a Tritan sighting in northern Virginia a couple years ago. Barn find, on display, maybe at Lien lot or something similar, then sold. Any ideas how to find it? I just want to know what the last 5 numbers on the VIN tag are. There are 4 missing.

    1. Darned if I know.... I only just learned about the #1 a couple months ago, and there wasn't any mention of more existing. I just learned that #10 was in Tupelo today, and that tell you how rare they ever pop up in any context at all... and this is all I do, cars! Goofy and rare as they may be, they are in my zone, and I only just learned they were ever made...

  3. Jesse
    There is another Tritan at the Nasu Museum, in Japan
    5705 Takakuko, Nasu-Machi
    Nasu , 09
    Phone: +81 287 62 6662
    37° 1' 34.5864" N, 140° 2' 1.1508" E

    I am not sure what the VIN is, but I know it is
    either ...003, ...004, ...008 or ....009.
    The others are in private collections.
    I own ...002.

  4. One in Perrysburg OH.

    1. thanks! Do you know the name of the owner or museum?

  5. Perrysburg Ohio? do you have any isea who or where?
    VIN #'s .003, .004, .008 and .009 are yet
    unaccounted for.
    I am not sure what number Tritan the vevicle in Japan
    is, but it is possitively one of the 4 numbered Tritans
    I personally own .002 now.
    I previously owned Tritan #'s .006 and .007.