Monday, May 09, 2016

GTO Judge spun a bearing in 1979, and never moved after that. Seriously, didn't the owner even had the motivation to replace the bearing and crank? In 36 years?

even slightly more impressive, it's a "pattern" Judge. With a 4 speed. And all the parts were set aside for that day it got put together. Inside one of his Quonset huts, previous owner Duane had stored the original numbers-matching WS-code Ram Air III engine right down to the accessories, including the original alternator and date-coded water pump. "Everything is there except the starter."

A pattern Judge refers to the first 2,000 GTOs with the Judge option in 1969. There were a few deviations but pretty much all Carousel Red, black interior, four-speed, hood tachometer, 3.55 Safe-T-Track, 400 cu in and Ram Air III

Pontiac wanted to create a mass impact of 2,000 GTO Judges painted Carousel Red descending upon America at the same time. The Judge was supposed to be the rebirth of the original GTO concept, meaning pure performance without a bunch of cost-adding accessories. Just like the 1969 Super Bee and Road Runners

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  1. in '79 Carter America a 10 yr old muscle car with a blown engine was worth nothing, it was a worthless non running gas guzzler and the price of gas had just quadrupled,

    heck , in 1980 even a running driving one was not worth $1500

    In '82 I sold my 69 Cyclone Cale Yarbrough edition for $500 (I paid $275 the year before)at an auction , and there was a 60 GTO Judge 455 4 speed at the auction that never met the outrageous reserve of $1600.

    I went to the sellers house and test drove it , but didnt buy it because the shifter was all messed up.