Thursday, April 09, 2015

top 7 cars you should avoid buying

Fiat 500 - Least reliable. 16 times more problems than the most reliable car, the Scion xB. It's 219% worse than the average car

Jeep Compass -  Lowest owner satisfaction. Only 43 % would buy another.

Mitsubishi Mirage - Lowest scoring on handling, noisy and excessive engine, underpowered, and poor rating on the crash overlap test

Toyota Tacoma - Lowest scoring truck. Clumsy handling, rough ride, mediocre stopping distance

VW Passat -  highest ownership costs over 5 years

Nissan Altima v6 - worst value midsized sedan, when factoring overall road-test scores, predicted reliability, and five-year cost ownership.

Nissan Armada - Worst gas mileage 13 mpg overall


  1. When I factor in the Jeeps that have burst into flames when hit in the rear I would not want one if it was given to me.

    1. Good point. Toyotas that wont turn off and Chevrolets that have that ignition lock problem. I haven't heard about Jeeps bursting into flames, just Ferrari. The cars that have airbags kill the driver though....

  2. For the record, I have a '12 Fiat Abarth that I've not driven gently. Not a single issue, except tires every 17k.

    1. I'm glad you're had a trouble free 3 years! You really ought to be getting 30-40 thousand miles out of tires... we just had 4 Fiat 500s bought at the dealership I work at, all 4 were lemon law cars. They were all 2012s, the 1st year of the car. That's when most problems occur, the 1st year of a new model