Saturday, April 11, 2015

Hurst shifters


  1. IIRC, the top one with the short, straight stick was a "Super Shifter", while the bottom one was a regular "Competition Plus".

    And puttin g Hurst shifters on my 1967 and 1969 Corvettes was a royal PITA, as there's hardly any room in the trans tunnel on a Vette.

    1. thanks! Its too rare to see anyone post what I've always thought was cool about muscle cars, 1970's day two mods like shifters, aftermarket 8 tracks, etc. So I've been looking around to try to find more to post. There just aren't a lot of 60's muscle cars still looking like they're in the 70s

  2. I've helped lots of friends pull their stock linkage and replace it with a Hurst. There were a bunch of tricks you could do to tighten them up even further than the improvement you got over the OEM shifter.

    Steel bushings (properly lubricated!) to replace the Nylon bushings, and using some shims to keep the slop out of the spring clips that held the rods to the shift mechanism were two popular ones.

    And I never cared much for the T-Handle, even though it looked neat. No matter how hard you tried to keep them clean, the alloy they were cast from would always get crummy looking from the sweat and oils on your hands.

    I preferred the the giant sized ball knob that was an option on 70's era GTO's. It cost about 10 bucks from any GM dealer, and really gave you hand something to grab!