Saturday, January 03, 2015

Red Bull Global Rally Cross... designed to hit it's demographic

Has 10 events.

One is at the X-Games
One is at SEMA
One is at the Top Gear Festival Barbados

Races on tracks, or parking lots.

Celeb drivers Tanner Foust, Ken Block, Travis Pastrana are as recognizable and famous as Petty, Pearson, and Junior Johnson

Cars are Chev Sonic, Hyundai Veloster, VW Beetle, Ford Fiesta, Subaru WRX

Major corporate tie ins are young people soft drinks: Red Bull, Rockstar, Monster

“Our sport is directed at the millennial—16 to 34 is our core demographic,” says owner Colin Dyne,  “The way that we set up our racing format … is very focused on a short attention-span audience." The energy drink crowd.

It's possibly, a direct correlation to the beginnings of Nascar.

The cars are relevant looking to what is sold in dealerships, basically musclecars for the under 30 yr olds, under $30,000. Sponsored by their drinks of choice, for todays youth, and in relation to all the things competing for their attention, it's nearly as brief as a 500 mile race was to the people in the 1960s with 1 or 2 channels of tv.

Micheal Andretti: “One of the problems auto racing has today is the demographics are getting older and older,” he says. “GRC focuses more on the millennials, and those are our future fans there. They’re the ones everybody is after.

GRC requires far less investment than an IndyCar or NASCAR program. Teams field competitive entries for a couple or few million dollars per season, approximately only a fifth an IndyCar effort’s price and a staggering tenth or less what a top Cup Series team spends.

and they even have a minor leagues ... Red Bull GRC Lites  of kids so young they don't have drivers licenses yet. They don't need them for racing on tracks, of course. 

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