Saturday, April 06, 2013

I just found a massive project website, it's trying to show photos of every car ever made around the world, 

They are missing some of course, and even more obvious, they don't have a contact email to help them out, tell them of cars they've missed, and send them the photos. Damn, I hate it when it's impossible to help someone out because they aren't smart enough to leave an email address. 


  1. Great find! I am going to be spending some time on this site...thanks

  2. Interesting website, English as a second language.

    Not real knowledgeable though - see "Yellow Cab" and "Zamboni"
    Although Yellow did actually manufacture cars in the past, most of the pics are run of the mill taxis from other makers. Zamboni simply makes ice finishing machines on assembled chassis, originally they used Jeeps.

    Also, how can you have a Jaguar section with no XK models what-so-ever?

  3. You are able to comment at the bottom of each photo page. I'm sure they've got a long way to go yet - I found that they didn't have an AC 3000ME for example.