Thursday, April 04, 2013

I came across a "bug" atti at Viva Las Vegas

Why the windscreen is only in front of the passenger I don't know


  1. I think these were offered as a 'kit car' back in the '70's

  2. 'cause the driver wears a leather helmet & goggles!

  3. We remember these kits, (as Tony mentioned,) from the early 70's, if memory serves. Based on a VW, the f/glass bodies replaced the VW body on the "pan" of the VW. As a broke car guy, we contemplated "building" one, and actually sent away for the literature packet. We had a much older and more experienced friend who drag raced and had some early Ford V-8 restorations under his belt; our "hero." "So, what do you think about these Bugatti kits that fit on a Volkswagen base?" we asked. "About the same thing I think about Volkswagens!" came the curt reply. Embarrassed, we sneaked the literature into the trash, by dark of night, never thinking of it again. HAG