Sunday, March 31, 2013

Silver State Cycles parked a trike in the Viva Las Vegas event parking at the Orleans hotel and casino, it's quiet different than you'd imagine a trike to be

Hello. I am the miscreant that built the trike you saw at Viva las Vegas.
 The trike was sort of a bet. Had to be close to scale for a Marx Big Wheel, with working pedals. Road Legal. The Cali tags are a funny story. It passes all the tests for moped tags in CA. As a joke, I filled out the registration form & mailed it in - with my NV address. A month later I got a plate in the mail. So I put it on. NV does not license Mopeds, so it confuses the hell out of the local cops. It is my fair weather ride. Thanks for posting the great pics. makes me want to clean it up some.  Brad

 The pedals on the front were a surprise, well, they look better than the I beam, but I didn't expect them once I saw an engine

one small lock makes sure its not going to be driven away. Carried away maybe

but how is it explained that a "Silver State" aka Nevada company is putting California plates on their creation. Something unnatural about that

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