Wednesday, April 24, 2013

a shipmate of mine from our time on the USS Olympia SSN717 has recovered enough from a truck nearly killing him to post some photos. People, open your damn eyes, use your damn brakes.

the moron driving the above SUV was driving at 70 miles per hour.
They did not see Pat, he was riding the bike below. They did not hit their brakes.
they went on to roll their SUV 3 times. No idea why they didn't see Pat, no word on how they made such an egregious error of driving, or how much they were hurt from rolling their SUV 3 times

Pat needed a lot of surgeries, blood, luck and skilled doctors to recover from the incredible pummeling and amputation of a leg. It's your ass on the line out there on a bike, theres no cage to keep you safe, not a single airbag.

So could you readers do a simple 2nd look for bikers tomorrow when you drive? It's going to save at least one life

This ends my public service announcement, and I'll now resume the regular cool posts. 


  1. I'm so horribly sorry to hear this. I will keep a good thought for your friend.

  2. Man that sucks. Not paying attention cost a man so much.

  3. Look twice, save lives. I hope your ship mate continues to recover, though I know it's a long road to travel. Every time I take my CB 750 out I'm loving the chance to ride but always, always looking out for those who are not paying attention.