Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I came across a interesting and varied blog today, here are some extra cool images from Whothefuckismisterfreedoom blogspot (Very NSFW and offensive to women... but some really cool images too, I don't censor or discriminate though)

Factory or dealership optional back seat, though I've never seen a woman ride a motorcycle "sidesaddle" The bike is an Excelsior if memory serves me still

that is a very realistic airbrushing that will wig out people in traffic behind this truck!

great idea to have a fresh spark plug along!

Someone is sure to wonder what about the above image is interesting, it's the lettering style, and similarity in letters, to the Metallica logo. They are a hard rock band from California.

thanks to Cheech Marin for decades of humor, and lots of great movies!

A good way to use an old skateboard

simple and effective

all from

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