Sunday, April 21, 2013

a new side mirror costs about 100 bucks from a dealership. I don't know how much your pride in your cars appearance is worth though when you use sheet metal screws, binder twine, or purple duct tape

I took these photos over the time of one week. They are all within 10 blocks of each other 

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  1. Jesse, on my last trip out there in 2010 before retiring, I was on the 5 from San Diego to Irvine driving a rental Vibe. We were sitting in traffic barely moving when "Boom!" Pieces of plastic flew across my hood. I knew I'd been hit and then realized it was a motorcycle splitting lanes that wiped out the side view mirror. When I got to my destination, we taped it up with duct tape as the glass was still intact. When I turned it in to Avis the next day and pointed it out to the attendant, she said "Oh, happens all the time." I later learned it's legal to split lanes in CA as long as it's done with care and caution. The bozo that nailed me was flying. I'm not surprised you don't see a lot more of this our there.

    Bob From Florida