Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ms Horsepower's 68 Charger.. maybe the coolest looking Mopar at the strip

Balck and red everywhere... damn this was a great looking car. O... yes, the owner is a woman, she races it, she's incredibly the most beautiful woman that I've ever seen near a Mopar, and of course she's married. Why her license plate gives the impression that she is single I didn't ask. 
 The hood is not original because she didn't want to cut on the original. It's in her garage.

 Cool side exiting exhaust as well as great rims

 Notice the street class- 2009 event winner decal on the wind wing. Wow.


  1. what kind of wheels are those? i see them a lot and i want a set, but i don't even know what to look for

    1. I don't know, but a minute or two searching companies that make rims for muscle cars would be all that it would take to find them. Try American Racing, American Eagle, and Torq Thrust. Look through their entire product line, and if you don't find them, look up the other rim companies.