Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dennis has made a very unusual 1964 Volksrod - rat rod

Appears to be two tone horn on the near fender, and a klaxon or ooga on the far fender

Great multiuse wrench inside the spare
Never see tire pumps anymore

Flashlight and flyswatter... have you ever seen a car with a flyswatter?
Skeleton keys and a beer can opener
Cool floor panels and map holder

Nice luggage, but in the above you see on the right hand area in front of the round Blatz you'll see a rusted tin can... it's the communications microphone to the rear passengers on the rumble seat, it's connected with twine to another can 3 photographs below

Above: The turn signal
Below, the passenger tin can telephone, on the top is the hinge that allows the flap to be lifted so the passengers can talk into it

Looks like a 91 octane requirement notice
Fixes exhaust leak every time

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