Wednesday, May 18, 2011

the air filter housing on George's hot rod caught my attention, it's awesome! A Von Dutch flying eyeball

That sets it off, that is cool. The bit of chrome trim on the crest is a nice touch too

Nice ? ! ! Oh yeah, and he was a Bonneville with it when American Rodder magazine or Street Rodder, I can't recall which he said and we talked about both of them, did a photoshoot of it. Right there on the salt. That is awesome, hot rod legendary stuff, a photo feature of your hot rod, on the salt

An 8 track! I dig that, he still has a shag carpet too.

A Street Rod Nationals belt buckle from 1975, as the brake pedal... you've never thought of making your hot rod award a face for your pedals. I like that. Damn cool
Thanks George!

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  1. Awesome pictures you got here. Amazing design for an air filter! Thanks for the chance to see this. :)