Friday, April 01, 2011

Unusual, rare, and restored cars from the 1920's and 30's at the Nethercutt musuem

I hope you've been looking at my blog long enough to recognize these headlights as my favorite, they are the Woodlight type , and only came on two cars I know of, the DuPont occasionally, and this 1930 Ruxton in its factory paint, stripes of reds. Three other cars have had woodlights, a Stutz, Cord, and an Auburn but I suspect they were added by the owners. Most unusual for factory paint, but it was the midst of the great depression, and this was a luxury car that needed potential buyers attention. ( just like the glam rockers of the 70's and 80's and the big hair and makeup )

The above is movie star Fatty Arbuckle's 1923 McFarlan model 154 knickerbocker cabriolet

The above yellow is a 1934 Packard
Above and below, 1932 Mayback DS 8 / convertible cabriolet

the above is a 1925 Locomobile 48/ Victoria sedan
the above is a Toledo tiller steered, ever notice that a kids little red wagon has a handle that flips up or down, and is a very small example of a horse drawn wagon? Transpose that thought to the tiller steered early horse-less carriages and the way they had tiller steering that resembles a flipped up wagon tongue
On the left is the blue with a hood that looks like the Renault of the same era, but the Franklin was American and this example is a 1912 model G

This green with white baloon treadless tires is a 1906 Franklin, and particularly striking is the barrel shaped hood. The round hood was replaced by the slope hood like the 1912 Franklin above this

Beautiful brass accentuation pieces adorning this green and black Franklin

1910 Pierce Arrow 7 passenger touring

1912 White model GF

and the Lalique crystal hood ornament collection.

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