Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The wonderful variety of brass era cars at the Nethercutt Museum

Read the above fine print, it's where I learned about the other Pope cars

The first example of a steering wheel mounted horn above photo........ the infamous mother in law seat in the below photo, how much do you have to hate your mother in law to tell her that's where she gets to sit?

The below is an American Underslung, significant because of a story from Dick Teague (AMC designer) acquiring one after a 35-year pursuit. He considers it "the first American sports car," and its frame, uniquely, was placed under its springs. The low, hunkered-down appearance that resulted was striking during an era when most cars looked like phone booths on wheels. Underslung's 476 cu.-in. (7.8L) 4-cyl. engine, good for 50 hp, stood out as well.

Mr. Teague told the story that while dating his wife-to-be, Marian, he told her he'd marry her if she ever located an Underslung. Only 2,000 copies were built during the Indianapolis automaker's 1906-'13 existence. By Mr. Teague's count, only 27 survive. Marian, to his surprise, soon got wind of four -- all owned by one family in Pennsylvania.

"She said 'I found an American Underslung. Now we'll have to get married.'" Mr. Teague chortles. He kept his vow the next year.

All four cars sat idle until restored in the mid-'60s. It took two more decades to convince the family to part with one, purchased new by its patriarch in 1907. Why'd they sell? "I guess it was my persistence," says Mr. Teague. "Maybe they felt it would get a good home."

in the comments Mik Tag says that the above IS the Teague owned American Underslung and you can see an article on the oldest Am. Underslung here:

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  1. This is the Teague Underslung, by the way. Still haven't written it up...