Monday, March 28, 2011

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1915 Sea to Sea trip began in Coney Island New York, and was to go to San Francisco California, these 4 factory backed cars were to see which made a better car by merely surviving the road conditions. The closest is a Packard, the other black car is a Studebaker. The white cars aren't lableled or indicated, and I couldn't find anything on the internet about this competition. The destination was the 1915 PanPacific Exposition in San Fran

Tom Mix, famous cowboy movie star, had a very lazy horse.. . it's riding in the trailer

Notice the solid tires on the tractor are cross drilled to soften the ride

Shwinn Autocycle

photo had no info on what she's riding , or what year

the 1892 Haynes car, the second maker of cars in the USA, the first was Dureya

In 1915 Ray Conklin, president of the New York Motorbus Company, left Long Island for the Panama-Pacific Exposition in San Francisco. Accompanied by a party of twelve, they travelled in an elaborately outfitted bus, complete with a kitchen, beds, hot and cold water, well-stocked book shelves and a rooftop garden.

The McFarland wrecked at Indy

There was a lot of drinking going on when they decorated whatever is under the Moose and Deer heads

Above is Joe Matson's Corbin at the 1908 Vanderbilt and below was the 1910 Vanderbilt cup race

It was a short lived website, just June of 2009 to June of 2010, but they posted some cool photos

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