Wednesday, March 18, 2009

K "articulatley" comments about the comparison of the SN 95 to the Tempo, Taurus, Escort, and T-bird

Funny you claim to be a car guy and that you like muscle cars and mustangs yet you dont know what a new edge mustang is and you cant discern between the 1994-1998 mustang and the 1999-2004 mustang??

Imagine that. I'm a car guy, and don't care about new Mustangs. Oh well, I guess I'll have to rename my website now... http://hamster who doesn't measure up to K's standard for "Car guy"

K... try real hard to look past your myopic world view for a moment... there's more to the automotive world than accurately identifying the past 10 years of Mustangs. I for one, don't care if I'm off a couple years when it comes to guessing what year a car is that has been produced in the past 15 years... give or take a year is close enough when guessing the year of an uninteresting vehicle that will soon be scrapped once it's past it's warranty and gets sent to the junkyard when the last owner realizes it is junk that the factories aren't making replacement parts for. You haven't looked, but 3700 posts about every other make and model that interests me, from the moment they took the horse away from the wagon, is praised for its' design, features, manufacturing or whatever struck me as cool about it.

Sand rails, stage coaches, trains, electric buggies, tool wars, airplanes, monster trucks, front end loaders, top fuelers, sports cars, 10 speeds, musclecars, Holdens/Commodores/Monaros, 3 wheeled post WW2 econo cars, concept cars and motorcycles.... and a lot of other stuff just as diverse is all over this website. I haven't claimed to be the automotive encyclopedia of all things with motors since the 1885 Benz,... but I know of, appreciate, and can identify more than you'll ever see in your "Capt me planet" world. I've wrenched on, restored, raced, helped with, and fixed and maintained more, so far, then you ever will.

A new edge mustang is the 1999-2004 Mustang. My car that you posted a picture of is a 2002 Mustang, so therefore my car is a New edge mustang...still with me here smart guy??

Yeah, this is the cool part where I learn trivia that no one cares about, has ever heard of, or will ever want to know... go on...

I used 99' as my reference because thats when it was introduced and Ford sharply

No, not sharply.

changed the look

No it didn't. The change from the 1964-69 to the 1970-72 was a change. The 76 vs a 67 is a change, the 76 vs an 89 is a change. etc etc. The 99 to 00 wasn't a change of any significance to the look of the Mustang.

of the mustang, all the rounded lines became hard lines, the headlights became one piece, the body got bigger and performance numbers increased. I understand it was even more of a drastic change when the 2005 came out as it was a bold retro style and made a huge impression.

Wow, you made sense about something, finally.

Reiterating here; My body style is the new edge style, its a 2002 mustang which you used, backed by a picture of my car as an example of the 94-98 that you think looks a lot like Fords other designs....youre stupid.

And yet I place apostrophes correctly when I abbreviate, how about that wunderkind? youre or you're? get it? Nevermind, you have no idea where the apostrophe is on your keyboard it seems.

If you had taken a picture of a 94-98 I could actually kinda see what youre (!) talking about by them using other ideas from lesser ford vehicles, but I would like you to show me one car maker, any car maker that doesnt use the same ideas in all of their models

Sit down, schools in sucker....

Dodge. Charger, Magnum, Challenger, Viper, Caliber. All distinctly 2009 models, and exceptionally different in their appearances. Not misidentifiable with each other. You would like me to show you? Really? Didn't you ever learn not the tease the animals when you are in the cage? Mopar... Massively Over Powered And Respected.

....theres isnt one, everyone, especially domestic automakers use similar faces in their lineups.

Well, Dodge for one.

I understand youre upset for making an incorrect statement by putting my 2002 as an example of the 94-98 mustang,

No, I used it as an example of the cookie cutter, bar of soap design that is similar to the other 4 cars I mentioned. I doubt you've even seen a Tempo... or know that an '84 diesel Tempo was good for 52 mpg... but that is why I'm a car guy, and you are upset over not understanding that I haven't criticized your particular car, just it's design. And I used your car as an example of the SN95 design, not the 94-98 Mustangs... but I know you aren't exactly paying attention... or using your apostrophe... so whatever

but to to go on and on and on about it like youre right and to now even show a picture of a red 94-98 Mustang

It's what Google had as an example of a 2002 Mustang... and I think it looks just like yours, so if it's a '97 do I care? No. Looks the same as the Tempo, the T-bird, the Escort, the Taurus... and your car. Minus the approx. dozen lights you've replaced the factory lighting with.

which is clearly not my car is even more ridiculous. I didnt say I was ready to fight you,

I didn't state that you had said you were. I clearly ascribed you with the traits I find amusingly stupid and over the top things... you don't seem to have a problem being described as all the rest... hmmm.

I would never say something like that on the net or in person over something like this. I dont get into fistfights over BS like this, and I would never threaten someone on the net or encite them to fight because thats shameful behavior to myself and especially to my car club Stangpede, were bigger more mature people than that. I didnt come unglued or enraged as you so ignorantly stated, I just articulatley

All right, I can't refrain from laughing about that... do try to spell "articulatley" correctly if you are going to use it to prop up your intelligence!

told you to go get f*cked

Just 11 words ago you claimed to not be unglued or enraged... do try for consistency when interacting with strangers, hmmm?

for being wrong and acting like youre right

My opinion is right. To me. Yours doesn't in this matter as you're not ready to debate the issues you can't emotionally cope with about my opinions on automotive design. You still seem to find me criticizing your car, I'm not. I criticize you, since you aren't "articulatley" debating this, or functioning very well without meds, but that is just my sense of humor getting the better of me.

and for personally insulting me and calling me a woman without provocation.

You are correct finally! I didn't have any provocation, and then you are wrong, I didn't call you a woman. I mentioned that you should take care not to get your dress caught in the door, or let your high heels damage the Mustang carpet. Well, you are getting better than always being wrong... so a point for you.

I stated my case and made points to show you that you were wrong, yet you are sitting back saying youre right. This is your blog and youre entitled to your own opinion either way but get your facts straight

Well, you aren't very good at it or I would say you were right, I don't think you have come into the right playing field to show me that I'm wrong. I'm never wrong, I thought I was once, but I was mistaken. (this was a tshirt saying my grandpa had... still is funny)
Yes it is, and you can have one too, for free, and do anything you want to with it and if tempermental but delicately sensitive, hair trigger emotional, ready to go off the deep end at commentary by automotive design enthusiasts..... if they happen to find that you post something that hurts their little feelings and you don't have a lollypop to make them happy with? Well I advise make light of the whole idiotic situation and foil it all with humor for the rest of the amused people who were laughing but are now bored of it all.

and quit trying to act like Johnny Badass

That's Jesse badass to you, precious, or you may call me Mr. Jesse Badass when I'm setting you straight

when someone doesnt agree with you and proves you wrong and makes you look like the idiot you are

Well, that isn't proven, and you seem to me to look like a bigger idiot. I'm enjoying your commentary, and it gives me something to post about ranting (I find ranting amusing, Dennis Leary, Dennis Miller.. ) without having to use the cool stuff I've got waiting to post.

on your own blog, ya it sucks, you were wrong and youre immature

No doubt, I still play with toys. Bigger and better than yours, appreciating in value, not losing value... like yours. More appreciatated than yours, and ready to attend car shows, car cruises, drag races, and it will be appreciated by many more people who see your belly button, cookie cutter car as less interesting than my bonafide rare factory original trak pak option muscle car, that has bucket seats, a Hurst shifter, a factory race engine that's been improved with more rare factory optional cool stuff like a one of 1200 factory Edelbrock intake with the Holley six pack... and has tripled in value due to the demand by collectors for just such factory produced muscle from 1969. If you had a r code mustang, you would have my interest. You don't. For all I know you've got a 6 cyl. with a dressed up exterior

but youre just going to have to get over it. Oh and I have seen your car now and it looks like every other squared off box on wheels of that era,
Well, again, you started off with a correct fact... it's like every other squared off box on wheels of it's era... every Mopar B body, C-body, and lots of FoMoCo and GM cars in the late 60's were indistinguishable to the common person not interested in cars.

its nothing special
Really? Sure about that? Nothing special? You might want to get some opinions from other people, anyone who likes cars in general will tell you that you are wrong, I believe. The make and model specific people might too, but the general advocates and enthusiasts will tell you you are wrong about the special factor

and youre nothing unique,

Well, you are wrong there. You know just about nothing about me, and since I'm the one with a website... I'm a little unique. About 1 percent of the planets population.. so you may want to brush up on the dictionary a bit... try starting with "unique"
All the things I've done in the past 20 years, if you had any awareness of them, would prove you wrong as well. Just owning my muscle car makes me unique. You owning a 2002 Mustang makes you one of about 142,000 people with the same car under your butt. And 95% of you will sell your 2002 Mustang soon, as it will not interest you as much as the next belly button cookie cutter car.

you and your car are just as common as any guy and his mustang

The production of 1969 Mopars like mine... 1400. Roughly. Shelby made more Mustangs that year. Now... that is uncommon. You ought to use that dictionary to reacquaint yourself with the definition of "common", as you are using the antonym of it. Here's a dictionary... use it.

at any auto show all across america, youre not that freakin special, get over yourself and grow up.

And have a nice day.

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  1. Krystian10:00 AM

    Wow....Its so amusing how you dissect my postings and just use an argument of "youre wrong because I say so", yet have absolutely nothing to back up yourself except your unfunny, insecure bully humor. Youre not clever, youre not funny or witty and your desperation tactics to get back at me by using minor grammar and spelling mistakes against me is petty. An Internet bullys last tactics when he has no leg to stand on and nothing of worth to pick out on someone anymore is picking apart minor spelling and grammar, you spelled Musclecar, Musclcar, uh theres an "E" in there loser....see it looks petty huh? Oh and its two words, not one. Go back to your previous rant before this one and you will see where you misspelled it, gee you must not be into muscle cars because you cant even spell it right?? You use absolute's like "everyone" thinks and ask "anyone" the world doesnt really work that way, nothing is dealt with in absolutes when it comes to what "everyone" and "anyone" think, know, speak or do, the world just doesnt work that way, because I guarantee you if you go to a Tibetan Monestary and get a monk or the rain forests and get a pygmy villager and ask them what they think about Dodge theyre going to say, "whats a dodge?", the world doesnt work in absolute's only egotistical Morons do.

    Honestly if you really think that a 1997 and 2002 Mustang look exactly the same you have much more serious problems to worry about, like eyesight and common sense, I listed their differences which you mysteriously didnt address. The notion that dodge's vehicles and domestic brands dont look the same is ridiculous. Look at what youre talking about, post pictures even, they share the same look, the magnum, charger, caliber, neon, Caravan, Ram, Dakota, Durango all share the same face and similar looks theyve all got the dodge brand look in almost every way except for the dimensions....same grill and face design, body lines, taillights, its a very common practive amongst any automaker in the world to individualize their brand, even though your a Dodge Diva and want to sit back and pretend they dont, they do, I cant think of a car maker off the top of my head who doesnt, and furthermore, car makers steal eachothers ideas and body styles and make their own stuff....Dodge Jeep and Chrysler are just behind GM in the whoring out of their own vehicles and making endless clones within brand and just outside of brand in their sister companies Chrysler Jeep and even Eagle(now gone)....remember Eagle? Probably not. All through the 90's it was even worse than Ford..Stratus,Cirrus, Breeze, Neon, Concord, Avenger, Sebring, LH, Intrepid, Vision, Caravan and Town and country even....they all had the same face, same designs, same grills, two piece headlights, same everything. I am not going to go get pics of them all because thats useless, you know exactly what im talking about.

    At least my car has endured for over 45 years without missing a year or being discontinued due to poor sales or lack of interest by the general public. At least my brand hasnt ruined my car by giving it 4 doors when it never had 4 doors to begin with. (Challenger). You want to talk about comedy in your preffered brand?? It cracks me up how according to Dodge's own numbers and reports of all the cars theyve slapped that 6.1 SRT motor into, (there is 5 to my count)...the Jeep Grand Cherokee has the best performance numbers....Nana and her Jeep are slapping around the Charger and the Challenger....really? Thats sorry. I love all cars honestly, im just a gear head but im slightly bashing your beloved dodge just to show you that youre arrogancy and snooty attitude about how Dodge is so unique has no foundation. None, they have done the same things Ford and every other car maker has.

    Im done arguing with you, youre a moron and Im not going to get anywhere with you apparently because even when proven blatantly wrong many many times you insist youre right and then pepper in insults and retard humor in an attempt to look clever and witty and on top of someone else. Youre only making yourself look more ridiculous. Bottom line is you posted an incorrect picture of what you were talking about and labeled it as something you thought it was when it wasnt, you were wrong, I didnt agree with you, was a little bummed and didnt insult you or tell you you couldnt have an opinion and you chose to insult me rather than state your case in a mature fashion, and now youve gone ahead and dedicated two of your blogs just to me.... All that dissecting you did and all the time and effort you have put into trying to insult me was for nothing because when you tried to counter facts you came up with nothing, you have made yourself look ridiculous with your statements about cars in these last few blogs. I dont doubt that you have a fountain of knowledge in your head about cars and all sorts of stuff, but when you cant even admit youre wrong about something and then dig yourself a deeper hole by making even more untrue unrealistic comments just to try to sound cool and make your preffered brand look cool it shows your true colors and casts a bad shadow on your good things and on you. Youre petty, pathetic, insecure and arrogant. Im done making my way back here to argue with you, youre not even a challenge with your bratty kid humor and snooty know it all attitude. You can keep your opinions and criticism. And if we happen to cross paths at cars and coffee(No you havent deterred me from going) Just keep stepping because I definietly dont want to hear you flapping your gums in person about how cool and right you are. Cheers.