Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Biker believed dead, family auctioning off his classic car collection

a 1937 gold Cadillac Fleetwood used at the opening of the Golden Gate Bridge. A 1925 Nash convertible, fully restored. A shiny red 1939 Packard two-door sedan with its original interior. There are 11 in all. Many look like the gangster cars from the days of Al Capone.

But now Smith's beloved collection, potentially worth more than $1 million, is on the auction block in Calgary. (as of Jan 09 news article)

The Sun broke the news last summer that Cedric Smith, a convicted cocaine trafficker and 25-year veteran of the B.C. Hells Angels, had disappeared and was feared dead.
The last sign of life was a Visa transaction on May 21, 2008, Mark said.

"It is a nice collection. It is good," said Harold Heninger, the auctioneer selling the cars in Calgary on April 25.

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