Saturday, March 21, 2009

1 of 59 Hemi Cuda's, 4 speed, and it's the most heavily optioned 71 hemi cuda... found in a trailer park

Muscle car review, April 2009 issue, page 18-22

Found in 1989 by then just hired editor of Muscle Car Review, Tom Shaw, the price was 2500. The sellers were behind in the payments on their Hyundai, so they sold the Cuda, which wasn't running very well, and was rusty.

It had mismatched rims, the hemi had been lost and a 340 was in the engine bay, and billboards had been hand painted on. But it still had the spoliers, the bucket seats, and the rear window slats.

"Only 107 Hemi 'Cudas rolled off the production line this model year, and of these, only 59 were equipped with a 4-speed manual transmission."

For the full gallery and write up of this car at a 2008 auction listing when it sold for 328 thou to collector Bill Sefton

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