Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Shelby Super Snake 1967 1 of 1

1967 GT500 Shelby Mustang 427 Shelby “Super Snake” VIN# 67402F4A005441 of 1 built. 26,304 miles. Special model built at Shelby American for Mel Burns Ford. Intended to be the first of 50 but no other Super Snake was built due to the retail price of $7,500 and a 427 Cobra could be bought for roughly the same amount.

Driven by Carroll Shelby at Goodyear test track in Texas for tire promotion film production. Carroll recorded lap speeds over 150 mph and top speed of 170 mph! The Snake has been carefully detailed and would do great in any show but its uniqueness will always set it apart no matter were it goes.

Appeared on the Nashville Network “My Classic Car Video Magazine” 1/21/96. Listed in the Shelby American World Registry-1997 and Mustang Monthly in August of 1997. http://www.nvsaac.com/gallery/1967_shelby_gt500_18.htm for dozens on exterior and interior and undercarriage pics,