Saturday, May 30, 2020

5 inch six pack scoop, two hundred bucks from Glas Tek

not the whole hood, just the scoop. So, that's disappointing.  I'm not looking to buy an effing hood, then a bigger scoop, then try and make it look factory built. Who needs that kind of pressure to make a cool hood that will look great at the show or strip?

Might as well buy a 6 pack hood and then cut and section a couple extra inches into it

"Lincoln Sportsman" woody, started being made per order in 1952, and this is a '55.

Great googly moogly

funniest thing I've read today

and laid two 30 foot rubber marks on my residential street that my wife does not appreciate as much as I do.;all

if you're going to have loud exhaust, don't piss off your neighbors. They WILL get revenge. Now, lets see what the next step will be? Will it be what's behind door number 1? (pisses off neighbors again, gets shot when driving by loudly) or door number 2? (gets a stock exhaust installed and lives through 2020)

construction expanding foam. That's effing genius. It IS a single moment permanent solution to someone that's pissed you off with ridiculously loud exhaust.

Here's the car, courtesy of his facebook page which also points out that he's a car salesguy at a Ford dealership, of course.

Now, I AM a dumbass with 426 wedge with 370hp at the tires, headers, dual 2.5" pipes, with Flowmasters and an H pipe. I enjoy rumbling past cars in parking structures that have asshole owners have hair trigger sound activated car alarms which go off just because motor cycles ride past.

Now and then, like when the parking garages are full for xmas shopping, I enjoy a juvenile cruise through the mall parking lots to see how many car alarms I can trigger. The record is 27. So far.

I never said I wasn't a juvenile goofball with a loud car and a stupid sense of humor

But I know not to shit where I eat, (unlike this idiot) and don't let my car roar anywhere within blocks of where it's parked.

Don't piss off your neighbors, they will cause damage to your car and cost you money, or get cops involved and cause you stress, or, they'll start a war, and you'll probably move so get some peace and quiet after you get revenge, cue the police getting involved again.

Friday, May 29, 2020

interesting and eye catching restaurant. Damn shame no one makes cool and interesting roadside attractions anymmore

The fast food chain was established in Birmingham in 1968. The company apparently moved its headquarters to St. Petersburg, FL later that year. There were plans to build 51 restaurants by mid-1969 and another 200 units by the end of 1970. However, the company quickly ran into financial trouble and I believe there were only about five locations built in Florida, the one in Birmingham, AL, and a few others in the Vancouver, BC area. By 1970, the company had folded.

In 1976, there was still a location operating as a Dodge rv dealership in Bradenton, FL.

hell of a great halloween costume for their kid utilizing his wheelchair

if you don't recognize this, it's the 80s movie Beetlejuice

Sheldon Kornblatt's 392 Jag.

Sheldon first came to our attention in 1966 when he campaigned a Ford LTD 4/door Funny Car named "Peanuts"

In 1967 Konblett decided to build a more aero-dynamic Jaguar XKE. When the car was completed, with it's beautiful Pearl Pink and Rose Lace paint job, it was a real show-stopper, and considered one of the prettiest Funny Cars ever. It simply sucked and would drive straight with the body on

I wish I could find some nice high res photos of that lace paint and logo on the nose

oh poor Challenger, what did the meth heads do to you?

1918 New York Hotel Astor Automobile Salon

Marc! Dang, no love for the car guy blog, you posted to Stiffspeed instead?

Dame Laura Knight's paintings of gypsy wagons, horses, and WW2

Topland Farms, in Roxbury, CT has a cool collection of tractors and dozers, and is focused on early farming techniques and lifestyles through display, demonstration, and education. Available by appointment in the summers

I wish this one was large enough to use as a banner!

train station painting by Dean Cornwell

thank you to Philip M for clanging the tip jar!

this is cool, someone is still messing around with a motor wheel, and is using a tractor tire

Happy Friday to you all, and

its been a long time since I've had anything about Jackie Gleason to post, so, this will have to do. He was terrific

some of those big old steam tractors are still out there

 these are screen shots from a video that didn't show much more than that these two are back at the tree line on the edge of the farm

See the video at

this must have been more fun that a barrel of monkeys

great phrase, and cool book title

here's a garage sign that makes sense, how've I never seen a thermometer like this before