Saturday, November 09, 2019

When did gas stations become effing lying assholes and scammers about the price of gas? Have you seen this "with car wash" price scam?

I sure as hell didn't notice the "with car wash" words on the sign, I looked at the damn cost per gallon and the one that was the smaller of the prices of the gas stations at the intersection...

when I walked in to pay for the gas, that is when I heard the cashier tell another customer that the smaller price is only going to happen if you pay for a car wash

That is not cool, so, be warned


  1. You're right Jesse, it's NOt cool. We have a few stations in our area that have the same set up and every time I see the lower price I say WOW what a great de... Then I see the sign closer and well, not so great a deal after all. I think it would be better if the stations highlighted the "With Car Wash" in red or something so it's not such a sucker punch.

  2. We have some stations that show a cheaper price for cash purchases, which is just as misleading.

    1. I have gotten used to them, and realize it's 10 cents more a gallon for gas on a credit card purchase. Those signs normally have two columns, to the left, cash, and it's labeled at the top of the column, to the right, credit, also labeled at the top of the sign - commonly.
      So, since I've been used to that for 30 some years, I give it a pass on the minor fake out.
      This car wash price is new to me. Very frustrating