Thursday, November 07, 2019

I think this was the coolest vehicle I saw today, the Chainsmoker from Alberta


  1. Man, I envy you. You go to the coolest frickin shows. I hope it offers you a decent living because I can't imagine the time and expense involved with what you do. Then you have to go home and post all of this stuff. Can't imagine where you find the time!

    1. if I was anywhere but Southern California, I wouldn't be able to go to the events that I get to (SEMA, LARS, GNRS, and many concours in LA area)
      Las Vegas is about 5 and a half hours from where I live in San DIego, and one tank of gas in each direction.
      So based on the price of gas, it's about 80 to a 100 dollars for me to get to SEMA, plus food, and hotel.
      That's expensive, especially considering I'm broke, and using a credit card, but it's the only show I have to pay to stay at a hotel to see, the rest I drive home for after those other events.
      So, gas, a tank for every show, and food, is the price it takes for me to see the LA Roadster Show, The Grand National Roadster Show, etc.
      The cost was one good reason I didn't go to any car shows this year, I simply couldn't afford them, nor did I want to add the miles to my car.
      Every trip to a car show is easily 250 miles, and 4 to 6 hours a day on the road from San Diego to Los Angeles.
      The staying home and posting is simply not having a lot else that I'd rather do.
      I suppose all hobbies have costs, except maybe fishing, once you've bought the boat, trailer, pole, and outboard, you're only going to need an annual permit, a bit of gas, and some worms.
      It beats sitting on the chair watching tv

    2. as for your mention of offering me a decent living, it doesn't. I don't get paid for the blog, I don't work for anyone, I add content to this blog, without charging anyone, and don't have a company that is covering costs or expenses, so, everything like the laptop, camera, gas, and internet connection is all coming out of my paycheck.
      A decent living would be really cool, but I haven't found anyone yet that wants to hire me to do what I do for their company.
      I hoped Hagerty would, as they have the best coverage of the hobby in their website, magazine, and videos.
      But they blew me off.
      So, this continues to be something I pay to do, getting to events, surfing the internet, and posting... and all readers and webs surfers get it for free. No ads, no registration, subscription, or dues.
      Around Christmas I put the pay pal donate link up and hope for the best.
      Of course, I'm still hoping someone will mention to a friend or some company, that I've got a good thing, and they ought to hire me to do it for them.
      If that ever happens, maybe I'll make it to Bonneville, Goodwood, etc

  2. Great piece of art work and creativity. But i'll tell you that front-end must be VERY heavy.

    1. he added a lot of steel, true, but he also added a twin turbo.

  3. Hahaha, I sent a picture of it to my brother and he responded yeah ....800 HP and it does the 1/4 mile in 25 seconds!

  4. PS, I'll keep my eye open for your donate link this year. It's the least one can do when they go to your blog once or twice a day

    1. Thanks! I'm thinking it makes sense to put it up just before thanksgiving (cause some people might think it corny but clever)