Wednesday, November 06, 2019

the Walker Evans shop truck?


  1. Looks like its ready for a run at Pike's Peak.

  2. so, what is your opinion of the imitation "distressed look" or clear coated patina.

    I loved that original just pulled it out of Uncle Bobby's yard, evicted the raccoons, fabbed up some fresh high performance running gear and went out to terrorize the town, all in the same week. They had personality, held onto their stories and they looked like they wanted the living piss drove out of em every day, as they should.
    The clear coat just makes me think they should have their own class/genre Shabby Chic Trailer Queens. I'm banned now, aren't I?

    1. I like it, that's why I post it.
      For future reference, I only post what I want to, and never post something I hate without a tag that it's a rant.
      To me, creating the fake patina look is a new type of art.... I like it.