Thursday, October 18, 2018

just how much a car means to it's homeless owner it was stolen from, and to a scum sucking creep who wants to profit off a 200 dollar car, can be understood by reading this short, amazing article (A serious WTF of the month)

Summed up, the homeless woman who lived in the car, with help from a legal aid service, won in court a couple times, but the tow truck (Dick's Towing, I shit you not) impound yard scum slurping bastard wasn't giving up.

The two sides had incredibly filed 21 different pleadings totaling more than 300 pages. The judges saw this whole matter simply, her car had been stolen, recovered... and the tow truck mfer wasn't going to win.

After a grand total of 369 days, 22 hours and 51 minutes to extract her car from tow-company hell, Amanda Ogle was given back her vehicle. But not the title.

All over a 91 Camry

This happens to be the city of Seattle’s official tow partner.
Seattle is an accomplice with a company willing to charge homeless people car-storage fees higher than the average apartment rent.

Years ago the newspaper wrote columns about an $800 tow and how Seattle was the price-gouging Wild West of towing.  Politicians rushed in and passed new ordinances and state laws, then proclaimed they had fixed it all?

Take it from Amanda Ogle: They didn’t.

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