Thursday, January 26, 2017

compliment of the year!

Keep up the good work, starts my day.
Larry Wood

If you know just how cool this is, right on. If you don't, well, I've posted about Larry,  and you missed it. He's the designer at Hot Wheels that set my little brain on the path to digging cool cars. No shit. When I was around 5 or 6 someone gave me a Hot Wheels little car, and I've been hooked since. I didn't get blogger crazy until about 11 years ago, but, the path was laid down... know what I mean? 


  1. Wow !
    I would say that has to be the compliment of All Time .
    My Hero too , Mr Larry Wood .
    Even down here in Australia he was always someone I wished I knew ...

  2. Thom Taylor and Larry Wood! Some good company checking out your blog, Jesse!

    1. Made me gush like a school kid! Shocking to realize that his work entertained me, and now my work entertains him. Crazy!