Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Romo beach, it may not be as big as El Mirage, or as famous as Bonneville, but it looks pretty big from here. And, this is the first I've ever heard of it

The extensive beach is the setting for the Motor Festival – the revival of a historic car race that took place on the island of Fanø (in Denmark) from 1919-1924


  1. Just got back from Rømø, covering the event for the Nimbus club magazine, as two of us were racing. The event was a success, no accidents or blown up engines. A lot more people than anticipated showed up, both for the parties and the 1/8 mile race itself. Best car was the 1914 American LaFrance with its huge Hispano-Suiza V12 airplane engine and chain drive to the rear wheels (0:15 in the first video). There were almost as many motorcycles as cars, though one has to go on facebook to see that: (

    1. Cool! Thanks! I've never seen Romo mentioned or covered anywhere before... that is one BIG beach!

    2. Well, it is the first year of the festival, and all previous races were held on Fanø and other places up the Jutland coast. There'll be another one next year, no doubt, and I intend to race my Nimbus there. At low tide the beach itself is about five miles long, but there's a lot of German tourists on it, and the (rarely enforced) speed limit is 20 mph.