Friday, September 16, 2016

75th anniversary Ford Runabout by Cartier

Made by the American Silversmiths Guild in 1977 the 75th anniversary of Ford Motor Company.

"Meticulously hand-crafted by master silversmith, each model will weight approximately eight pounds, and will contain more than 40,000 grains of sterling Silver and a full fifteen grams of pure gold.

The world renowned jewelers, Cartier of New York, London and Paris, have been commissioned to set flawless, full cut diamonds in both front headlamps, as well as a deep ruby in the rear lantern. The model will be limited to 1,708 examples only, the exact number of original Model A's produced by Ford Motor Company.

Each model will be accompanied by accustom display case, produced in solid walnut, featuring a roadbed of genuine, turn-of-the century cobblestone actually taken from the streets of America's great cities. This "Model A" includes the original display case, complete documentation and certificates of authenticity.

Only Ford dealers could order and purchase these rare models. Because of the very limited production they were sold out and not all the orders were filled.

immediately reminded me of the dozer model


  1. Car Guy,
    My Dad has one of these that he purchased in 1978 that we are trying to find the right place to sell? It has not been touched more then a couple times and always been in it's case under cover, so in perfect condition. Thinking about ebay but trying to find the right place, do you have any suggestions, we are near St. Paul,Mn Thanks TinMan

    1. Good morning TinMan!
      I think you ought to consider the biggest auction companies first, as Ebay has no advertising. Those auction companies advertise like mad.
      You might also think of "displaying" it in a local museum for a year or so, if you have the time, and the people interested in buying it will come to you, I believe.
      You might also consider the most famous museums, and car events, for asking. The Ford Museums might want to buy it, the LeMay, the Petersen, the AACA museum in Hershey, and the Gilmore are ones I would ask.
      I'd also ask the many Ford collectors, and Ford car clubs.
      It's simply the most unobtainable collectible for a Ford fan... so the demand ought to be high.
      Let me know how the situation turns out, your experience might help others.
      You might also see what Facebook pages that have some connection to Ford or collectibles have to say

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  3. Thanks Jesse, Those are some great ideas, I have bought and sold many things but never something as unique as this! I will let you know what happens!

    1. great! Looking forward to hearing how it goes, so I can pass the advice along to the next person who needs it