Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Newspress USA will honor the best automotive communicators with the launch of the 2016 awards based on work produced from September 2015 to October 2016

A panel of judges will select the best in the contest which opens today and runs through October 10th.

In the catagory: Automotive Blog

Information provided in a clear and provocative manner, with solid writing will be hallmark of this category’s champion. The judges will want to see blogs that inspire, fascinate and force the reader to think again.

Since this is based on Sept 2015 to now, the content would be and I've just been trying it out, it takes about an hour to click through to see what the best content was from the last 12 months

(I am recycling a post, that's why the link name is about SS AMX... ignore that, I've now filled the post with content only from the relevant contest timespan)

So, I'm not sure I qualify based on the "solid writing", though looking through the past 12 months show plenty of long posts with a lot of writing and history, but when "clear, provocative, inspire, and fascinate" are brought up... I may show well compared to others.

So... if you think so, and have a moment to fill in this:

on their website:

then thanks for your vote, and I'll see if I get a good showing. If I win, I'm buying the 1st round!

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