Thursday, March 31, 2016

Jeep Grand Cherokee driver goes crazy, leads cops on high speed pursuit, that gets onto a Navy air field, and eventually crashed into a $65 million dollar F 18, and dies.

The incident started around 4 a.m. south of Lemoore. Police say the Jeep Grand Cherokee appeared to be disabled and an officer stopped to help. That's when the driver took off at high speed leading police on a high speed chase eventually going the wrong way on Highway 198 -- heading west in the eastbound lane.

"The pursuit was probably... 4 minutes. It wasn't very long. It went along the public access road here at the base. After the vehicle was traveling on the wrong direction, it passed the military checkpoint, our units stopped to coordinate with Naval security forces," said Lt. Dave Knoff, CHP.

The base has a heavily fortified main gate with steel barriers that must be lowered before vehicles can enter. The gate is guarded by military police armed with assault rifles.

Officials indicated the Jeep did not enter through that gate, but deflected questions about how it reached the jet
A CHP helicopter continued to follow the vehicle onto the operations side of the base and then the Jeep crashed into an F/A-18 fighter -- about 7 miles northwest of the airbase main entrance.

After the crash, a CHP helicopter landed and took the driver into custody. The driver was taken to the hospital where he later died of his injuries. The female passenger was pronounced dead at the scene. The suspects have not been identified in any meaningful way as to age, race, nationality or citizenship.

CHP has nothing to say, but believes the Navy base was NOT intentionally targeted and the suspects are not affiliated with the military.

Regardless of procedures and policies, CHP and military police, an ordinary suv took out a fighter jet after evading police. Ponder just how easy that was, when terrorists just went killing people in Belgium, San Bernadino, and Paris. How useless is national security around military bases and jets on a runway? WTF is TSA bothering people for at airports is anyone can disable an effing F18 with an ordinary SUV?

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