Tuesday, January 26, 2016

another elevator parking garage has been found, thanks to Ken!

this is Edison Park Fast at the corner of Center and Hester in NYC

Google street view is just wonderful!

This is a much better example, and easy to see, compared to the one on Oahu I posted 2 years ago http://justacarguy.blogspot.com/2014/08/elevator-parking-lot-behind-2301-kuhio.html

Turns out, there are dozens of the same type in New York City, a company called Edison Park Fast has many of these locations


  1. A moment in history. I would park in a similar parking "lot' in Reno, NV during the late 1960's. The parking lot was just off Virginia St. (the main drag) near the train tracks. The attendant would put your car on the elevator and up it went. It was more expensive than most of the lots downtown but it was a lot more fun. Of course it's gone now; the property was worth more than could be generated by a parking lot, no matter how high tech it was

  2. JNC did a 3 part story on parking in Japan, including elevator lots. They said part of the vehicle inspection in Japan is checking for fluid leaks, so your car doesn't drip anything onto a car below you.


    I like the option of "Park like a Yakuza", or gangster.